I joined FIELD on their journey towards new frontiers ︎︎︎

Contribution to Slanted 36

I was honoured to be invited again for the Colombian Universidad de los Andes to preach about the centralisation of our visual world as a guest lecturer, unfortunately this time only online.

Working on an interactive identity for the Austrian world expo pavilion in Dubai with Bleed ︎︎︎

A small contribution to my good friend Lukas Haider’s type project, on It’s Nice That ︎︎︎

Website for design studio HammerAlbrecht has been featured on Mindsparkle Mag ︎︎︎

Contribution to Slanted’s Europe issue @bleed_design
By referencing Henri Matisse’s Dance, and the legendary Eurodance disco banger of Alice DJ, ‘Better off alone’ it is a nostalgic tribute to Paneuropean cultural appropriation.

We organised a workshop for a group BA design students at the Universidad the los Andes in Bogotá with Michelle Mildenberg with a goal to define, deconstruct a standardised design pattern and replace it with community motivated interactions.

A short recap and thoughts of the workshop is available here ︎︎︎

Future Circular Collider
at CERN Geneva

Motion-logo for the new particle accelarator project, Future Circular Collider (FCC) of CERN in Geneva. What if we change the way we look at a simple circle? The circular shape of the collider is the visual base of the identity. By treating the movement with a simple change of perspective, we surprise the audience with new dimensions, shapes and insights.

Wien Museum Online 

Throughout 2020, I took responsibility of the design of Vienna’s largest museum, the Wien Museum’s new Online Collection. The process included continous communication, testing and adjustments with the front-end and back-end developers as well as with the museum’s curators. Although the collection has a large number of items, my aim was to give the users a clean but inspiring ‘gallery experience’. At the same time we implemented many options enabling professionals to use the website as a robust research tool with ease.

Launch website ︎︎︎

Lewis Scott visualisation WIP

Lewis Scott is a one-person visualisation and consultation agency with 3D focus and a great network of freelancers. By the identity I played with a basic three-dimensional shape to emphasise the versatility of Lewis Scott and it’s different sides. I designed a generator for the identity assets which was included in branding guidelines I handed over.

Interactive identity for Pichler X Traupmann architects

By creating a key visual and responsive grid system from the X in the architects name, I tried to extend architectural space to the browser window.

Launch website ︎︎︎

Redesigning one of Europe’s largest online ticketing system

I worked on the redesign of Online Ticket Shop︎︎︎ at studio de Ronners︎︎︎ in Rotterdam. With a design concept based on physical tickets I aimed to set the platform’s leading position and brand it as default for purchasing tickets. Turning the old physical format into widgets allowed to build an extendable user experience for both mobile and desktop devices.

Launch website ︎︎︎