First of all, I am very happy that you are here. I am Mátyás a multi-disciplinary designer currently director of studio CM002 and design lead at moodley brand identity in Vienna. 

Most of projects of 2021 are still confidential but I can’t wait to share some bits of new work done with studios like Pentagram and others. 

Throughout the strange times of 2020 I worked with FIELD.IO ︎︎︎ on some dream projects with the smartest people in the industry. I was also honoured to support their re-positioning process with my branding expertise, to develop some great speculative projects for SPACE10 ︎︎︎ and to be the part of some cutting-edge works I can not talk about just yet...

In pre-pandemic years I was crafting mostly digital projects at Bleed︎︎︎ in Vienna, working with clients like the Wien Museum, the Austrian state media ORF or one of the world's most respected centres for scientific research CERN.

I received my second MA at Central Saint Martins︎︎︎ in London while gaining experience at studio de Ronners︎︎︎ in Rotterdam.