First of all, I am very happy that you are here. I am Mátyás, a Hungarian born designer currently based in Vienna and Budapest. Please let me give you a quick recap what I have been up to lately: 

After finishing my MA at Central Saint Martins︎︎︎ in London I was at studio de Ronners︎︎︎ in Rotterdam at the heart of the liberating Dutch design scene being able to utilise my digital mindset and to gain more experience in motion and UI/UX design.

In pre-pandemic years I was crafting mostly digital projects at Bleed︎︎︎ in Vienna, working with clients like the Wien Museum, the Austrian state media ORF or one of the world's most respected centres for scientific research CERN.

Throughout the strange times of 2020 we had to go different ways but Vera and Marcus at FIELD.IO ︎︎︎ wired me into some dream projects with some of the smartest people in the industry. I was also honoured to support their re-positioning process with my branding expertise, to develop some great speculative projects for SPACE10 ︎︎︎ and to be the part of some cutting-edge works I can not talk about just yet...

Most of freelance projects of 2021 are still largely confidential but I can’t wait to share some bits of new work done with studios like Pentagram and others. 

Just recently, I founded design studio CM002 which —as a part of moodley design group— will provide wide-range design services in CEE while gathering fresh local talent shaping the design industry of tomorrow.

Please feel free to send an email or just text me.

Talk soon!