I joined FIELD on their journey towards new frontiers ︎︎︎

Contribution to Slanted 36

I was honoured to be invited again for the Colombian Universidad de los Andes to preach about the centralisation of our visual world as a guest lecturer, unfortunately this time only online.

Working on an interactive identity for the Austrian world expo pavilion in Dubai with Bleed ︎︎︎

A small contribution to my good friend Lukas Haider’s type project, on It’s Nice That ︎︎︎

Website for design studio HammerAlbrecht has been featured on Mindsparkle Mag ︎︎︎

Contribution to Slanted’s Europe issue @bleed_design
By referencing Henri Matisse’s Dance, and the legendary Eurodance disco banger of Alice DJ, ‘Better off alone’ it is a nostalgic tribute to Paneuropean cultural appropriation.

We organised a workshop for a group BA design students at the Universidad the los Andes in Bogotá with Michelle Mildenberg with a goal to define, deconstruct a standardised design pattern and replace it with community motivated interactions.

A short recap and thoughts of the workshop is available here ︎︎︎

Identity for BGW alternative fuels 

Offering Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), the newcomer Eastern European petrol station chain aimed to project itself as a real alternative to electric fueling in sustainable mobility. Putting ‘alternative’ in the focus helped to form and identity based on the simple wayfinding system. Knowing that the transition for alternative fuels can be pricy in the beginning, we had to make sure that it is not appearing as the privilige of a few. By using equal styled icons for three different fuel types, we wanted to avoid judging or forcing anyone but offering  simple choices, beside one-another. However, we believed that showcasing the alternatives as equally simple solutions can encourage more people towards change.
The creative concept and the first designs came to life through a Problem You Love workshop, with the participation of Dániel Hártó, Dávid Demeter, Lili Köves, Benjámin Bor and Zoltán Kalászi.