Working on an interactive identity for the Austrian world expo pavilion in Dubai @bleed

Full project coming soon

A small contribution to my good friend Lukas Haider’s type project, on It’s Nice That ︎︎︎

Website for design studio HammerAlbrecht has been featured on Mindsparkle Mag ︎︎︎

Contribution to Slanted’s Europe issue @bleed_design

By referencing Henri Matisse’s Dance, and the legendary Eurodance disco banger of Alice DJ, ‘Better off alone’ it is a nostalgic tribute to Paneuropean cultural appropriation. 

We organised a workshop for a group BA design students at the Universidad the los Andes in Bogotá with Michelle Mildenberg with a goal to define, deconstruct a standardised design pattern and replace it with community motivated interactions.

A short recap and thoughts of the workshop is available here ︎︎︎

This MA graduation project focuses on national galleries whose aesthetic frameworks are used by governments to legitimise the voice of the state. National Gallery uses the motion standards of Apple’s user interface design guidelines to suggest a change in the legitimacy of state-powered design, hijacked by user-interface design.

The installation also featured an essay about the oligarchic nature and standardisation of technology companies who are becoming state-like actors in global-scale identity politics.

Research blog ︎︎︎