In September 2018 we organised a workshop for a group BA design students at the Universidad the los Andes in Bogotá with Michelle Mildenberg with a goal to define, deconstruct a standardised design pattern and replace it with community motivated interactions.

Our aim was to deconstruct very specific interface patterns and to start to think and design hollistically with the back-end system of networking(machinehuman-powered or both) in mind.

On the first day we handed out a simple brief in which they had to rebuild their own internet by necessity:

-What would be the most important things for you to reclaim from the internet?
-How is it becoming accessible for others?
-Identify what type of content do you usually create.
-Would you ask anything in exchange for your data/service/content?

They had to consider that there is no central platform which they can take as granted to share their projects on and there is no search engine to catalog the network.

This suggests that only the ones owning the the infrastructure can really build coherent designs. Thinking about broadband infrastructure, ISP contracts and data centers web developers and designers are very small to challange standards.

The projects that were developed during the workshop showed the need for a deeper local internet community that would be rooted in its independency from global networks and that studied the geographical, aesthetical and social needs of particular groups.

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