Currently Bleed
Previously studio de Ronners
and Central Saint Martins

Central Saint Martins
MA Graphic Communication Design
degree show identity

The goal of this degree show concept was to showcase the diverse work of 42 postgraduate students in one gallery space without prioritizing any central theme on any of us. Here Now functioned as a working title emphasising the temporary nature of this intersection of our lives in time and space. Working closely with the curators, the identity design followed the concept of an abstract axis by which the diverse range of works were arranged in the space.

While the axis worked as a narrative, we wanted to leave space for individual exposures too. We used the idea of an old optical illusion when a particular shape distorts while looking at it from different directions.

The geometric full circle stood for the cohort as a whole, while each viewpoint resulted different fragmented circles assigned to each student.

Cristina Errea
Rikke Linneberg
Paula Sobat
Sein Lee
Anabel Hazeldine

Metropolis by Chris Simpson
Elastik by Benoit Bodhuin

Benoit Bodhuin︎
Yija Liu
Yi Ren