I joined FIELD on their journey towards new frontiers ︎︎︎

Contribution to Slanted 36

I was honoured to be invited again for the Colombian Universidad de los Andes to preach about the centralisation of our visual world as a guest lecturer, unfortunately this time only online.

Working on an interactive identity for the Austrian world expo pavilion in Dubai with Bleed ︎︎︎

A small contribution to my good friend Lukas Haider’s type project, on It’s Nice That ︎︎︎

Website for design studio HammerAlbrecht has been featured on Mindsparkle Mag ︎︎︎

Contribution to Slanted’s Europe issue @bleed_design
By referencing Henri Matisse’s Dance, and the legendary Eurodance disco banger of Alice DJ, ‘Better off alone’ it is a nostalgic tribute to Paneuropean cultural appropriation.

We organised a workshop for a group BA design students at the Universidad the los Andes in Bogotá with Michelle Mildenberg with a goal to define, deconstruct a standardised design pattern and replace it with community motivated interactions.

A short recap and thoughts of the workshop is available here ︎︎︎

De Wasserij Rotterdam

An old laundry building in Rotterdam’s Noord district is turning into a fashion warehouse store for and co-working space for the local creative industry. The main problem we had to address is that the laundry building itself is a bit hidden in the fabric of a residential area. At studio de Ronners we decided to turn the place ‘inside-out’, just as with clothes before putting them in laundry. We experimented with a washed-out custom typography with Kristina Jandová︎︎︎ to put use it on the proposed clothing label concept to bomb the city on the opening campaign. This project is still under development at studio de Ronners︎︎︎