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Previously studio de Ronners
and Central Saint Martins

dűlő restaurant

Located in the centre of my hometown in Miskolc (North East Hungary), dűlő is an artisan restaurant started by our family, putting seasonality and local ingredients in the focus. We have long term goals in shaping the region’s cultural identity by giving space for bold, modern ideas built on traditional Hungarian gastronomy.

Altough we started with clear objectives, the visual identity is an ever forming, open ended concept. Being newcomer to hospitality, we don’t wanted to restrict ourselves to something with an overwhelming brand identity, but to give space for experimenting and listen to the feedbacks. In order to initiate the conversation we wanted the people to perceive and feel the whole space they in, just as you they do with food. We didn’t use painted colours on the walls but the shades were done by whitewash, and a mixture of copper or brick powder.

Furnitures were handmade using materials specific for the region: oak, metal, and pine. All the ceramics were handcrafted and finished in a wood-fired kiln.

Nóra Demeczky
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