Currently Bleed
Previously studio de Ronners
and Central Saint Martins

UQ Journal is a yearly collaborative publication between curators and designers. By each issue, the contributors initate a theme to be discussed from both design and curatorial perspectives. In the fifth issue, we put ‘Periphery’ as an area of discussion to be developed as a coherent publication. Even when we are thinking about center and the periphery in abstract terms, we are stuck with their visual representations. Maps and data-visualisations represent scale, distance and density as the reflection of our landscape therefore they direct the understanding of our society. If these representations are taken as standards, we are less likely to be able to change our viewpoints. Working closely with curators and editors, my aim was to design an inside-out reading experience which challenges the standard priorities of a text and the book itself.

Supported by Central Saint Martins
Printed at Calverts on Cyclus Offset 100gsm

ISSN: 2055-1479

Savannah Bader
Francesca Brizzi
Dina Bukva
Bo-Nian Chen
Veronica Gisondi
Lucy Maria
Erin Meisenzahl-Peace
Yolanda Su
Veronica Železnaja

Andrew Kovacs
AU Workshop
Arianna Baldi
Niccolò Ciulli
Ryan Dzelzkalns
Jacobo Galan Padin
Roberta Garieri
Kathryn Gehred
Natasha Ginwala
Susanne Kriemann Michaela Lakova
Frederico Sargentone
Caroline Singh Belmar
Ulya Soley
Jaclyn Wright